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About ABB

ABB Ltd. 


44 CH-8050 

Zürich Switzerland 

+41 43 317 7111 

+41 43 317 4420 (fax) 



ABB (Automation Products) 

125 East County Line Road 

Warminster, PA 18974-4995 

(215) 674-6000 

(215) 674-7183 (fax) 


ABB is a global manufacturing and engineering company that manufactures magnetic, Coriolis mass, vortex, thermal, differential pressure, and variable area flowmeters.  ABB is also a supplier of pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, and wedge flow elements. 

The home office of ABB internationally is in Zurich, Switzerland.  In the United States, corporate headquarters are in Norwalk, Connecticut.  Instrumentation activities are centered in Warminster, Pennsylvania.  Through 2006, ABB employed about 108,000 people globally.  For the year ending December 2006, ABB Group generated US$24.4 billion in worldwide sales (and US$1.39b in net income) across their several business segments, representing a healthy return to profitability compared with 2004 results.


The company was formed in 1988 as the result of a merger between ASEA AB of Västerås, Sweden and BBC Brown Boveri Ltd. of Baden, Switzerland.  ABB’s worldwide headquarters today are in Zurich, Switzerland.  In January 2005, Fred Kindle succeeded Jürgen Dormann as CEO, and is also president of ABB Group.  Hubertus von Grünberg is now Chairman of the Board, having succeeded Jürgen Dormann.

In January 1990, ABB of Norwalk, CT purchased Combustion Engineering Inc. and its subsidiaries, including ABB Process Automation of Ohio.  Since January 1993, ABB Process Automation (Columbus, Ohio) has been a wholly owned subsidiary of ABB, Inc. of Norwalk, CT. 

ABB operates in more than 100 countries, with offices in 87 of them.  ABB focuses on two core businesses: Power Technologies, which serves electric, gas and water utilities, and Automation Technologies, which delivers solutions for control, motion, protection, and plant integration across many process and utility industries.

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